Actionable AI Research and Practice

by Actuate and Wesley Clover


Monitoring and Inspection, Predictive Analytics and Maintenance, Robotics and Autonomous Devices, Augmented Humans, Asset Tracking, Access Control, Anomaly Detection with 

Critical Latency, Bandwidth Efficiency, Autonomy, I/O Heavy, Connectivity to On-Premise, Data Residency, Data Security, Geospatial Knowledge

by Taglette


Soft Tags, Reusable Hard Tags, Special Antennas (Ceiling, Desktop, Door), RFID Printers, Smart Mirrors, Invisible Ink Technology, Cloud Based Store Management System for Monitoring and Inspection, Robotics and Autonomous Devices, Asset Tracking, Access Control, Anomaly Detection



Strong international partnerships are essential for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary solutions to global issues. Our team contributes to projects in the frame of EU funded programs for actionable AI for people and businesses. Our team offers a wide range of contributions for the project proposals and implementations.


- Projects for utility and humanity through social innovation with a unique approach with insight from diverse disciplines from psychological and cognitive anthropology to information systems.


- Development of specific end-to-end information systems for advanced analysis of real-life problems.


- Integration of diverse legacy systems for collection and interpretation of big data.


- Enablement of software teams for the purpose of any specific action resulting from analyses.



Revolutionizing the EU battery sector by developing the technologies and systems required to enable cascading reuse of batteries and battery components at their end-of-life.

The exponential growth of mobile traffic, and overall control of network traffic difficult if not impossible.

Development and use of flexible data-driven tools, methods, processes, models and platforms fusing expert knowledge with data analytics on operational data (incl. Digital Twins.)

Real-time analysis of the data gathered from various underlying technologies and provide an on-time appropriate reaction to the end user which requires a higher level of intelligence to be integrated into the sensing and communication infrastructures, with decentralized aggregation. (SARWS Project)


Building a future of young leaders that are authentic, accountable, reliable and prepared to bring sustainable change in their communities.

LOL (Learning Operative Lab) aims to improve the skills of trainers and contribute to the improvement of Adult Education.

Training for the purpose of developing and managing emotional skills in the frame of immigration, reaching both female migrants and social workers and NGOs

Develop and strengthen self-confidence and self-concept through soft skills and Emotional Intelligence in the target group, enabling them to achieve an adequate level of empowerment and cope with situations of male harassment in public spaces.

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